Final Thoughts

So this final assignment is just to write about what pretty much whatever I wanted. And with graduation around the corner, the only thing I can think about is how afraid I am. Afraid of being truly on my own for the first time. Afraid of moving to a new city and making new friends. But above all else I am afraid that I will do poorly in college and let down my parents.

Before I fail, I must recognize that I have been well prepared by my teachers. From Mrs. Riley and Mrs. Jedlicka to Mr. Young I have had a wide range of science teachers that have given me a broad education in a variety of topics which have stretched my brain, sometimes into topics that I will never work with again. But I am happy to have had amazing teachers through it all.

Besides science my biggest fear is Mathematics. But with teachers like Ms. Swann and Mrs. Pye I have worked hard to develop my work ethic and finish my homework to the best of my ability. But knowing how I slacked off I am afraid.

I am afraid for the future, but excited for new opportunities. I guess if all else fails, I can go back to working at Reynolds and Reynolds.

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A Fond Farewell

Over the last four years, I have had the immense pleasure to go to this school with the people I see before me, but now it is time to bid those friends and familiar faces in the hallway goodbye. Throughout these four years, we have discovered many things that have been previously established, but also begun figuring out new ideas to explore, and new concepts to challenge. These ideas don’t go away or change as we move forward, either onto higher education, or into the workforce or military.

One of my favorite shows of all time is the original Star Trek, not that crappy Next Generation, but the main cast of this show, before they are engineers or captains, is that they are explorers. They go out and seek new ideas or people in their lives. And that is exactly what we stand on the brink of today. We have a basic idea of what we want to do, but do not know the impact or the changes that will come about because of us. But that is the point! If we know exactly what will be around the next corner or the impact of each decision, then there is no point in exploring because nothing will ever remain a mystery. So as you think about your future, think about a new discovery you can make, a frontier you can challenge, but most of all, remember the people you are with along the way.

The part that made Star Trek, and these past years memorable will always be the people and your surroundings. Look at the people sitting next to you is such a clique, so instead look to the people in the stands. They took the time to be here today, to be proud of you and your abilities. Don’t take that for granted but strive to be that for another person, strive to build solid friendships and relationships, not just for business or personal advancement, but for fun and somebody to fall back on if things go wrong.

So go forth, and push that final frontier, because in the words of one of my favorite writers:

The Road goes ever on and on

Down from the door where it began.

Now far ahead the Road has gone,

And I must follow, if I can,

Pursuing it with eager feet,

Until it joins some larger way

Where many paths and errands meet.

And whither then? I cannot say!

Thank you and good luck.

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New Word

Cleanation, the practice of cleaning as a form of relaxation or delaying work on a task in favor of cleaning. This is a habit practiced by a large number of people without their knowledge and needs to appear in the English Language. There are many ways to distract yourself from working on a project or paper or blog post, but by spending time cleaning or organizing, the stress is reduced. The main reason for this practice is because people can seem to be productive but not actually be.

An example of this in the world around us, occurs in daily life. Instead of wanting to work on a project or homework, students will take time, clean off their desks, organize their work into piles, basically putting their energy into organizing and cleaning rather than doing the actual work. During this time, Cleanation can be used to describe the process of putting off work and cleaning.

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A pair of shoes

This week I was tasked with looking at a bunch of paintings and finding one to tell a story about. Upon finding the list of paintings, I decided to pick “A pair of shoes” by Vincent Van Gogh. Anyway, story time.

The shoes belonged to a man, who wore them everyday as he trudged over to the factory to work a meaningless job all day. The tasks broke his body and his spirit, but he kept on doing it, hoping to one day, make enough to spend time with his son. Day in and Day out, he worked this job, picking up his shoes before sunrise and returning home after dark. It wasn’t an easy life and the most constant thing in his life, besides his family, was this pair of shoes.

After many years, the shoes and the man were wore down from all the working and walking, but they still performed their tasks. They never complained and were never bitter, but recognized their job in the work and performed it. This continuing routine abruptly stopped one day, when the man had a heart attack in his bed. He had just put in a bit of extra work so that he could have some money to buy his son a new pair of shoes, just like his.

Now, the shoes lie unused. They sit there in the tiny shack, unlaced and unused, as the family struggles to feed itself. But despite their hunger, they never sell the shoes. They never lose that last bond to that tired working man.

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Fun Fiction time

As I stand in the train station waiting for my train, a different train pulls up. There is nothing particularly odd about the train except in the back, where a lady holding an old raggedy map keeps yelling at a young man with a box. I hear an announcement that my train has been delayed and decide that I am going to ride the train currently in the station because I have nothing better to do.

I board the last car and hear the young man yell at me “Quick. What station is this?”. I shrug my shoulders and mumble out the name of the station. The man turns pale upon my response and tries to make it to the doors before they close. The lady, now turning the map in all directions trying to determine where they are, notices this erratic behavior and turns to follow the man. He screams out that they are supposed to get off at that stop, but before they can leave the train takes off.

With the train hurtling along the track at a rapid speed, and all hope of getting off at the last station extinguished, the couple come and sit down next to me and explain their problem. They are carrying the “football” inside of the large box. It has access to the entire country’s nuclear codes and was entrusted to them after the secret service agent carrying it was killed. Their contact was supposed to meet them on the last train station but they missed the rendezvous.

Eyes wide open, I glance inside the box to see a perfectly unassuming briefcase, and decided that the couple is messing with me. I shake my head, and decide to get off the train at the next station and get away from the couple. As soon as the train comes to a stop, I exit the train brushing into a few people who are getting on. Leaving the train station, I hear a commotion but ignore it and continue on my way.

The next day, half the world is dead after a nuclear holocaust that was initiated by America. As the remnants of humanity crawl into bunkers and hope that they will somehow survive, all I can think of is how I ignored that couple.

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Commenting on others again

This post talks about trying new experiences and not regretting applying yourself.

This post talks about foils with Claudius and Hamlet

A review of star wars

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Poetry, I think

So this week, I am tasked with comparing two poems and setting up an outline for them, and in my tired state, we shall see how that goes. In each poem, the writer talks about their fear of death or the unknown. This primordial fear reaches into the hearts of everybody, even the very religious, but each person fears a different thing. In these poems, they use their current positions in life and their aspirations to talk about death. The first poem by Keats, shows a man who is afraid that he will be forgotten by the world. It is the idea of being lost to time that frightens him so he tries to do as much as possible before his time is up. The second writer is different in that he is looking back on his work and then worrying about the future that he won’t be a great poet. They are subtly different in that the first wants others to remember him and the second wants to achieve something from his perspective.

Thesis: In the two poems, the authors use the concept of death to highlight the different reactions people can have to dying and ending their actions on earth.

In Keat’s poem, he highlights his fear of being forgotten to address the topic of death.

“Before high piled books” shows his previous works and his many attempts to achieve fame and remembrance

In the second poem, the author wants to accomplish something before he leaves the earth and is there for worrying that he doesn’t have enough time.

“the cataract of Death far thundering from the heights” is a symbol showing that he knows death is coming and has to act before he reaches it



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